The Nivél Pedestal Story

At the intersection of functional lighting and furniture, you find Nivél. As an adjustable height side table, Nivél provides a totem to gather around. Portable and rechargeable, Nivél enables users to bring light to areas not serviced by power outlets. Sturdy enough to rest a few beverages atop while nimble enough to be raised or lowered at a moment's notice. Its cleverly designed light module rests securely fastened around a solid wood post secured to a powder-coated steel base for added footing. A soft ambient downward facing light panel completes the package, bringing an unobtrusive light source to your home or office space. The post is offered in both solid Oak and Walnut and can be paired with a powder-coated tray in White, Terracotta, or Black. Explore the rest of the Nivél Collection with Nivél Table, Floor, and Pendant.

The Nivél System

Multi-Level UtilityTransforms from serving tray height to low setting side table.
Intuitive ControlLight control is activated via a centrally located touch ring. Users can cycle through 100%, 40%, and 5% brightness.
Freedom of MovementNivél Pedestal blurs the line between functional lighting and furniture offering the perfect mobile companion for any indoor space or outdoor setting.


Meet Nivél



  • Minimal use of materials
  • Contains no hazardous materials such as mercury
  • Lasts for 50K hours or 25 years of daily use
  • Uses only 7W of power (90% more efficient than a comparable halogen light source, 40% more efficient than CFLs)


Pablo Pardo
Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo has defined his career by creating beautiful, sparse, utilitarian lighting that fosters harmonious relationships between people and their environments.

Pablo Studio
The Pablo Studio is a small group of makers and inventors with a diverse background in industrial design and craft, and a deep understanding of manufacturing, materials and technology.

  • Specifications: Nivél Pedestal

    Oak Post
    Walnut Post


    Hardwood Post
    Steel Tray
    Fabric Cord

    Portable and Rechargeable
    3-stage step dimming(100/40/5%)
    Adjustable height tray surface
    USB-C Charging port

    Voltage: 120V-240V 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption: 7W
    Color Temperature:  2700-2200K
    Warm Dim
    Luminosity: 350 Lumens
    Color Rendition Index: 90 CRI
    8-160hr Battery Life
    8hr Charge Time
    Cord Length: 9’ (2.7m)