The Pilar Story

Playful and sculptural in design, Pilar is a study in geometric proportions that meticulously bring out the character of its materials to create pure warm, ambient illumination for any range of spaces. Pilar embodies a harmonious dialogue between solidity and lightness featuring a monolithic column in marble with a hovering glass
globe that define its iconic silhouette. Pilar is offered in both Carrara white and Marquina black marble bases with a mating 12”(30.5cm)  frosted  Opal glass globe and features an inline full–range dimmer to select any desired light setting and ambiance.

Geometric Simplicity

Foundational ElegancePilar’s striking machined marble base provides a firm grounding presence while the globe exudes lightness. Together these elements display a harmony of material contrast.
Defined by LightThis most reductive form allows Pilar to be defined by the warm, glowing ambiance associated with the Bola globe.


  • Minimal use of materials
  • Contains no hazardous materials such as mercury


Pablo Studio
The Pablo Studio is a small group of makers and inventors with a diverse background in industrial design and craft, and a deep understanding of manufacturing, materials and technology.

  • Specifications: 

    Marquina Black
    Carrara White

    Marble Base
    Opal Glass Globe

    Fully dimmable
    Voltage: 120V and 240V
    Power consumption: 53W
    Color temperature: 2700K
    Luminosity: 1490 Lumens
    Luminaire efficacy: 28 Lumens/Watt
    Note: 2700K BT-15 LED 800 Lumen bulb available upon request
    Color Rendition Index: 100 CRI
    ADA compliant
    Title 20 compliant
    1K hour lifespan
    Cable length: 6’ (1.8m)
    1 year warranty

    BT-15 Halogen, LED available upon request

    ETL, CE